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Making the U.S. more literate, one child and one book at a time!


Camp Read-a-Rama is a non-profit that uses books for children and young adults as the springboard for all program activities. We provide fully-engaged year-round programming that seeks to improve literacy, particularly for children most in need of literacy intervention. Read-a-Rama programs are research-based and employ data to inform literacy and social emotional best practices.




Dr. Michelle H. Martin and Dr. Rachelle D. Washington founded Read-a-Rama in 2009 at Clemson University, where it operated for four years. After Dr. Martin moved to University of SC in 2011, they ran camp from there for 3 years, then Read-a-Rama became a non-profit with the assistance of the U of SC Law Clinic. Dr. Martin moved to University of Washington in 2016, and since 2017, camp has been offered in Washington State. Virtual programming began in March 2020, and Read-a-Rama currently seeks to train adults across the country to offer Read-a-Rama programs.  Staff and volunteers serving Read-a-Rama campers build cultural competence to cultivate relationships with children from all backgrounds.



All children can reach their highest potential;

100% engagement is good for all types of learners;

The creation and growth of home libraries positively contribute to literacy development;

All programming should embrace all types of diversity;

Cultural literacy comes through engaging community resources, such as field trips to local museums, businesses, and organizations;

Serving the whole child and their family brings positive results;

Parents and guardians are a child’s first teacher and should always be involved in their child’s learning;

Meaningful relationships between adults and children around books and literacy-rich activities positively contribute to children’s learning;

Read-a-Rama Programs must engage community assets—human, organizational, financial, and more—to model literacy and celebrate lifelong learning.

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Word In Black

Word in Black is a collaboration of the nation's leading Black news publishers, tasked with teaching Generation TikTok how to tell what's true online.

Black people are being targeted with misinformatiion, so ensuring the next generation can tell what's true is

"critical to freedom."

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